Career Transition and Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

“Outplacement is the support service provided by responsible organizations, keen to support individuals who are exiting the business - to help former employees transition to new jobs and help them re-orient themselves in the job market”


NoLimits offers a personalised coaching and advisory service to Executives, Managers and Individual Contributors to help them transition as quickly and smoothly as possible in their career change and job search. As NoLimits offers Learning and Development solutions for organisations, we also support these Executives with their specific soft skill and coaching needs during their career transition.

Twelve month, six month, three month and one month program options are available. 

Program Benefits

Benefits of Outplacement
  • Enhanced corporate image. Preserve your company’s reputation by caring for transitioning staff. Outplacement plans elevate your brand in the eyes of investors, customers, remaining employees and future job candidates.
  • Liability prevention. Demonstrate that your company offers grounded and fair separation programs. Outplacement services display your commitment to fulfilling your corporate responsibility to your employees and minimise risk from potentially disaffected former employees.
  • Maintain positive relationships. In many instances displaced employees transition to vendors, suppliers, business partners or clients of your company. Having these employees think and speak well of your company makes good business sense.
  • Better retention rates and productivity from remaining staff. Outplacement demonstrates your concern for employees, even when tough business decisions force layoffs. Retain key talent by showing care for your employees


 I have known and used NoLimits in multiple capacities over many years, and in every capacity found them to be professional, focused and tailored to the requirements of our organisation, and most importantly, they are all great people to partner with .

We have utilised NoLimits to support colleagues who have involuntarily left us previously, and they have been very supportive, structured and objective focused for the individuals, and in every case very beneficial at a difficult time.  Nolimits cares, they focus on the individual, with structured meetings, follow up and action points, and really challenge and then guide the individual on seeking what it is they want, and focusing on preferred outcomes.

As a CEO of a large regional organisation, I have recommended and deployed them successfully to our departing staff, and now as I am working through my own next career decisions, I am using them to help guide me on my own future -  I think that says a lot about my belief in NoLimits. 

MNC CEO Asia Pacific


What is Outplacement

NoLimits program offers displaced employees a powerful coaching and advisory service to help them in transitioning into the next stage of their career. 

This program is all about empowering them with the personal development tools and techniques to make successful choices about “being who they want to be” and then deciding what they want to do. They will have access to the very latest best practices and proven approaches for success with personalized coaching and ongoing support. 

The program includes building networking capabilities and developing participant’s own connections, as well as helping with targeted exclusive introductions and recommendations to connections in an extensive network of organisations and leaders across the globe to fully facilitate them in achieving their career goals.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits from Outplacement

Learn and deploy best practice approaches in managing a career transition through comprehensive training and a high impact personalised coaching approaches using the latest empowering mind and motivation tools and techniques.

Gain the benefits of a structured and practical, planned and action-oriented approach to ensure the coachee proactively takes charge and is fully supported on their own transformation journey, helping them to be solutions focused, stay positive and ultimately be successful.

Activate their own networks and have access an extensive network of business leaders, recruiters and HR executives across multiple industries in the region and worldwide, together the best practices in networking to create powerful connections and define and achieve their long term career goals.

Outplacement Program Objectives

What is Outplacement
The customised and tailored Take Charge of Your Career Program uses individual coaching and support with one to one coaching based on individual needs. This program focusses on what is important for the impacted employee and their personal values to help them reach peak emotional and personal performance during this critical transition phase. The program will positively influence how they operate to gain the extra edge, to make quicker and better decisions, producing the results they want when speed and efficiency are essential.

The transition program is designed to enable the coachee to:

  • Deal with and ease any stress, distress and uncertainty caused by the situation.
  • Share their thoughts and speak in 100% confidence with the coach, use as sounding board, receive impartial advice and promote positive engagement through solutions thinking.
  • Evaluate their career direction and opportunities.
  • Undertake personality profile assessments to focus on strengths and development areas for the next career move.
  • Review their strengths, values and transferable skills.
  • Revise and refresh their career portfolio.
  • Prepare tailored resumes and bios to send to organisations.
  • Sharpen best practice interviewing skills and techniques.
  • Plan their networking and access selected organisations, recruitment professionals and executive search consultants.
  • Understand the hidden job market and know how to conduct an active and not passive, job search.
  • Identify and enlist their own networks and our extensive corporate network in Asia and our contacts internationally.
  • Know how to leverage social media best practices in promoting themselves.
  • Develop a personal marketing plan and know how to sell themselves into relevant job opportunities.

The Transition Journey

Career Transition Steps
Outplacment Coaching Steps
Sucessful Career Transitions

Learn and Apply the Best of the Latest Approaches

  • Networking
  • LinkedIn
  • Bio’s, Pain Letters and Introductions

Leverage the Best of Traditional Approaches

  • CVs and Applications
  • Ace the Interviews
  • Working With Recruiters

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