Better Options for Real Learning

Not e-learning!

We need to be clear upfront, what is traditionally called e-learning or online learning - usually a library of online materials and even videos, doesn't work, it is boring, no-one does it and it is largely a waste of time and money - in our opinion only of course - what has been your experience?

Better Options

The world of learning is changing. Many organistaions have experimented with more traditional elearning approaches and have been largely unsuccesful in achievng engagement in the use of online learning tools and failed to deliver measurable learning impacts. It is also important to avoid the webex - time to do my email - syndrome and overcome the barriers of overly complex technology.

Thankfully there are now new approaches that can have a significantly higher impact for the organisation and drive measurable learning benefits for even larger dispersed and diverse teams.

It remains true that all really good learning is experiential and interactive and the real opportunity is to achieve this successfully with facilitated online and participant centric appraoches.

Reach more People for Less

Best Practice Approaches for Deploying Learning and Development Programmes
We recommend deploying three structural approaches for best practice learning that delivers skills building in a practical and engaging way, embeds and sustains the learning and allows for deployment in multiple geographies and in any language, typical cohort sizes across the region are usually around 60-100 participants at one time. 

The three recommended approaches are:

1. Classroom centric, with post program online facilitated skills development
2. Modular face to face learning and online facilitated action learning
3. Virtual facilitated learning with online peer centric action learning

Classroom with online followup

Action Learning and Coaching

In this example, existing classroom interventions are suppported with online participant group and peer coaching options to fully embed the learning and drive real behavioural changes.

Modular Face to Face and Online

Online learning solutions

Traditional learning is even more succesful when broken down into modular components, creating multiple options for particpants to implement skills on a step by step basis with real world acktion learning assignments and participant and group coaching options conducted virtually.

Virtual Learning Solutions

Vitrual Learning and Corporate MOOCs

Perhaps the best solution for maximising the learning impact and reaching as many people as possible is your own in-house tailored MOOC - with fully supported online facilitation.

Again for the typical traditional program, the agenda is broken down, into bite-sized two or three hour online facilitated learning modules and delivered over time, typically weekly or every two weeks. The participants operate in smaller learning teams. The participants also join team and cohort online groups where they are encouraged to share challenges, questions and the results of their assignments. These online groups are also used to deliver peer assessments and constructive feedback and the facilitator acts as moderator and coach to these online groups. During the program, the online sessions normally migrate in the later stages of the program from the learning agenda into facilitator led coaching and peer sharing.

There are several factors that can make this the most successful and cost effective way of ever having implemented your learning solutions.

Ideally participants will attend together in smaller groups where they are co-located. In our experience learning teams of 4 participants attending together is the ideal number.

In locations with more participants, attendees can be grouped in learning teams of 2-6 participants for maximum.

Other success factors include translating the content into project based learning assignments which are truly participant centric. Old world learning discipline also matter, for example with deadlines, mandatory attendance and completion of assignments. Team level evaluation and perhaps most significant of all, line leader engagement in the participants learning experience and evaluation.

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Proven Benefits

One of the most powerful proven benefits of this online learning approach is that the effectiveness of the learning and the engagement increases with higher numbers of participants, operating in teams and for any one program there is effectively no upper limit to the number of participants. 

Clearly also, you can avoid the costs of facilitator, or participant travel and accommodation for delivery in your diverse markets. Online modules are deliverable with multi language capability; although we recommend that for non-English delivery, any one program is delivered in a single participant language.

How we can help you

Identify advantages, disadvantages, limitations, and potentials of alternative interactive learning models and solutions.

Develop online communication, collaboration, and visualization technology driving the behavioral, cognitive, constructivist, and social dimensions of learning.
Design and deploy participative, facilitator led workshops on the web and interactive learning APPS for IOS and Android.

Design the components and processes for your interactive education systems.
Evaluate the value of ideas, principles, and techniques used in educational media or systems.

You can now apply the best practice approaches that provide your new learning models catering to 21st century environments and learners. Design and develop the applications, systems and content that combines team interaction activities and learning support features in ways that are effective and appropriate for today's computing and communication devices. 

We help you overcome the idiosyncrasies with various learning devices (e.g., tablet, phone, PC), infrastructure requirements (e.g., cellular network, wi-fi, Bluetooth), and any special IT or learning distribution circumstances. In addition, we can help you create and position a business model, with pilot programes and ensure you deliver measurable returns as you launch and scale up your solutions.

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