2017 Priorities

2017 Transforming Learning and Talent Development
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Welcome to the Year of the Fire Phoenix Rising.

The year of the fire Phoenix is even more inspiring than a normal rooster year. The Phoenix is a brilliant, inspirational, and fearless visionary.

The element Fire this year is perfect for the Phoenix because Fire brings strength, passion, bravery, and leadership - just what is needed for new paradigms and possibilities, supported by knowledge, expertise and past experience.

So now is the year to break free, claim your destiny, and overcome obstacles.

What are you dealing with this year?

2017 has the potential to be a transformational year for organizational learning and talent development. It may even be a question of take the lead and transform, or have transformation done to you. This is especially relevant in Asia, with the unique challenges and also the opportunity for unique Asia based solutions that will really make a different across diverse region wide and global teams operating in multiple markets.

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We see three linked priorities emerging across a broad base of clients, and while the underlying drivers may be different company to company, the desired outcomes look broadly similar.

More with Less

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Are you ready to achieve 25% savings in your training budget? The familiar mantra of the last few years. Now intensified. 


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With a wide range of options: Mobile Web, mobile LMS, APPS, online platforms, social and gamification. Mobile is a big part of the solution. Implementing well designed, high engagement, user centric mobile solutions is key.

Modular & Micro

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2017 is about instant learning that boosts engagement and enables self-led development. Driven by changing expectations, achieving learning for all and the importance of creating highly targeted and relevant interventions.

Other Business Driven Priorities

Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition

The overall agenda is clear, with different levers to pull; from fixing mis-hiring, building best practice onboarding, implementing succession planning, creating a truly inclusive culture, driving self-led individual development and successful outplacement. Driven by some serious competition to attract and retain great talent, there are company specific priorities for a phenomenal Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Leadership Bench Strength

Leadership Development

The definition of leader continues to evolve; earned, rotating, collaborative, servant, agile, adaptive. Ultimately everyone can be a leader and many organizations need to prioritize building broad based leadership capabilities, often with a new agenda and skill set: Influencing and persuading, collaboration, overcoming conflict, coaching, innovation, change leadership, design thinking and networking are perhaps the new key leadership capabilities.

How can we help you?

Going Mobile

Bite Sized Mobile Web Solutions

Bite Sized mobile learning

Learning happens by using the applications on the job with real world business challenges. We can design and implement highly focused tools, for learning by doing. This approach is best suited to interactive mobile web solutions that are targeting at specific pain points.  

On Line Web or LMS Workshops

online workshops

One and two day programs can be converted into 60 - 90 minute highly engaging interactive learning experiences for all employees. We can recreate your exiting classroom based workshops and programs as on-line web based learning, or for your LMS. Going way beyond just video with new interactive content for your core learning needs

Learning Apps for iOS or Android

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Truly valuable problem solving tools for employees for use in the moment and on the job. For maximum engagement and learning impact, your high priority skills building programs and learning needs can be delivered though creatively designed accessible, interactive apps. 

Modular Bespoke Solutions

MOOCs Replace WebEx

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Dispersed cross regional teams in Asia create the need for high impact programs that can reach significantly larger audiences simultaneously and still drive real on the job learning. Move from low engagement WebEx to massively practical modular learning, facilitated, interactive and built around real world skills application. When structured with the new learning best practices from the world of MOOCs, what were one and two day workshops can become single or multiple facilitated online programs. We can help you implement with all the latest best practice approaches.

Leadership Capabilities

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Your top talent still has the need to grow capabilities to drive even better business results. Real world face to face learning has massive impact, especially for your most critical leadership development initiatives and organisational capability building. Modular action centric and social learning really works, combined with building in house facilitation skills and deployment of global programs.

Let's Talk. Our discovery discussions can help you with sharing ideas and best practices.

Let's talk about your priorities and what will help you the most. We can easily share more details and best practices and help you ensure success for 2017. Email me now below to arrange a complimentary discussion, or connect on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Best wishes for a great year of the Fire Phoenix.
Martin Cropper
CEO NoLimits

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