The Evolution of Learning

Learning at Your Fingertips

iOS and Android Training Apps

Almost any traditional learning intervention can be broken down into bite-sized elements and recreated as a powerful and highly engaging and interactive series of learning experiences. Our design team can help you translate your learning needs into App based solutions for iOS, Android, Web, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

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Tailored App Design and Development

Learning Application Design in Singapore

Ideally suited to all employee education, such as compliance training, regulatory knowledge, new product information, or to support real world learning deployment; Applications when created well with best practice engagement techniques around interactivity, or even through gamification, can be a significant part of any highly succesful learning deployment strategy.

Learning is Evolving Quickly

Design Apps for Learning and Development

The world of learning is changing. Many organisations have experimented with more traditional e-learning approaches and have been largely unsuccessful in achieving engagement in the use of online learning tools and failed to deliver measurable learning impacts.

Thankfully there are now new approaches emerging that can have a significantly higher impact for the organisation and drive measurable learning benefits for even larger dispersed and diverse teams.

It remains true that all really good learning is experiential and interactive and the real opportunity is to achieve this successfully in the online and application space.

An Entire Workshop in an App

Training with Apps

Almost any existing workshop can be translated into App based content, reaching many more employees than existing approaches and in a way that promotes engagement and real time learning - just in time learning is acheived when the employee can access how to guides and interactive learning experiences at the moment when they need it most.

Workshop Follow-up and Sustained Learning

How to use apps for training

Apps can also be a great way of building on existing learning programmes and creating an interactive library of best practices and follow-up activities to really embed the skills in your organisation. 

What Makes a Best Practice Learning App?

Apps for Learning have evolved tremendously in the last 12-18 months and the trend now is to deploy Apps as the learning vehicle for interactive learning, topic by topic. With App design we have observed that there are three success factors of increasing levels of sophistication for deployment of successul app based interactive, bite-sized learning.
The three key factors are:  

1. Accessible, applicable learning

The development of bite sized learning with apps has enabled us to build powerful program follow up mechanisms and create tools that can be used in the moment and on the job to solve real life challenges and further embed learning.

Intuitive menu options help users access the learning they need quickly and in the moment.

2. Highly interactive tools and learning processes

In designing and developing client learning apps the focus is on taking static learning and materials and translating these into an interactive learning journey.

3. In the moment learning and tool based coaching

The App format enables us to provide users with practical tools they can use on the job

Users learn in the moment the capabilities they need, with the support of the app processes to coach them through real life opportunities and challenges.

How we design your apps

Hackathon App UX Design

We work with you to run faciliated UX design workshops and hackathons to help your teams explore the organisational learning needs, pain points, challenges and opportunities.

Guiding your teams through understanding the user needs, defining core user groups, incorporating the customer voice, storyboarding the user experience and prototyping, we help you rapidly identify the best approaches to designing and developing your own in house learning apps.

Working with our development team in India, we will then help you design and code these best practice solutions for high user engagement, driving real on the job in the moment learning.

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