Developing Communication Skills

Presentation Skills and Influencing Skills Training

Presentation skills, Influencing and negotiation skills, Personal brand and impact, Difficult conversations, Giving and receiving feedback, NLP, Sales skills. Planning and organising, Setting goals, Achieving work-life balance. Handling difficult people, Developing Emotional Intelligence and many more. 

Tailored Solutions

Create Tailored Communication Skills Workshops

We can help you create a range of tailored in-house corporate workshops for your specific learning needs. 
No Limits training is designed to help today’s leaders become more confident and successful in taking their people to the next level. Here is an overview of our more popular programmes all with specific objectives in mind. You can now choose from Leadership, Team or Personal Development Programmes depending on your present needs, and at what stage you are at in your career.
It is very important to us that the training you receive is relevant, and with that in mind we can blend many of our programmes to supplement or enhance yours. Our facilitators can also help running your “in house” or global programs for you throughout Asia.

All of our programmes can be tailored to your needs, including blending materials, running participant focus groups, and developing participant and role specific case studies and practical exercises. Please call us at +65 6232 2466 or email us to discuss your exact requirements and we will develop a tailored proposal for you.