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NoLimits, Personal and Professional Development

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Founded in 2006, NoLimits is a leading provider of learning and development for Asia providing local support in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, China and Japan. 

We specialise in developing leaders in all of us, supported by innovative and yet practical personal growth techniques to enhance both your professional and personal development.
NoLimits was created out of the desire to help people and organisations do better through personal development. When people are fulfilled and motivated through development, they are far more engaged and organisations are guaranteed to perform far better. 

We help you to:

  • Discover the best ways to increase your personal impact and the success of you, your teams and your organisations.
  • Learn new ways to proactively take the lead and drive individual and organisational goals to achieve winning results.
  • Dispel limiting beliefs and perceived challenges that hold you and your teams back.

Our individual, team and organisational excellence programs help you and your organisations raise and surpass standards, they help you to do better, much better. There is No Limit to what you can achieve. We provide you with the NoLimits stretch to achieve more. In personal and professional development we can highlight your preferences and ways of working, compared to others. We can increase your self-awareness and awareness of others using specialised personality profiling tools such as Myers-Briggs and FIRO-B instruments.

What we do

Training Progams

We believe in developing leaders in everybody. We enhance the leader within you through powerful techniques by increasing confidence in the key areas of leadership such as:

  • Leadership competency definition and skills development
  • Executive presence and impact through presentation and image
  • Coaching for performance, coaching for development and teams coaching
  • Building rapport and trust, relationship skills, improved communication
  • Developing high performance teams, based on values, identity and purpose
  • Enhancing networking, impact and influencing skills
  • Talent development consultancy, advice, hiring and onboarding
  • Transforming employee engagement

How we can help you?

  • By understanding your critical needs first and helping your define a tailored integrated approach in developing your leaders and teams.
  • By working with the latest and most up to date development techniques, leveraging leading edge practices.
  • By helping you sustain post workshop learning and effectiveness through one to one coaching and feedback.
  • By offering fast and highly effective learning techniques which gives you and your people the confidence to implement the learning and achieve the best.
  • By going beyond training with the ''how to do" we help you recognise your beliefs, values and attitude that influence mental processes and drive achievements.
  • By helping you change external observable behaviours through understanding your values and beliefs that really drive you.

Our Clients


A truly exceptional course for anyone looking to develop themselves to achieve more, in their professional life but personally too. Strong motivation and coaching skills to engage, inspire and get people to perform better. Exceptionally motivational and talented trainers. This course is a must." Chris Hawken, Head of Brand Communication, Audi

“The most impacful 7 days personal and professional development I have embarked in the past 10 years. Highly recommended and profesionally delivered. A wonderful experience.” Andrew Warneck, Head of Leadership and Talent Management, ING Asia/Pacific Ltd 

"High quality, meaningful and impactful learning experience. The use of well-formed outcomes crystallised very clearly for me a sense of purpose and mission. Janet helped my learning through active engagement, questions and above all practical exercises." Mark Biddlecombe, Managing Director, RathboneTrust Singapore 

“The NoLimits training left me equipped with useful tools and processes for own personal development and to better perform my work. Different from most other trainings I’ve attended, I use what I learned with NoLimits on a daily basis. It offers models, processes and a highly action orientated goal setting model, the Well Formed Outcome. The energy and motivation is contagious and brings the sessions to a high energy level. If you have a chance to take this programme – take it, it will be a most rewarding experience.” Caroline Palmstedt, Leadership Coach, Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd

“This programme was a fantastic awareness in my life. I am extremely grateful for this life opportunity. All the new concepts to see the world and myself differently have benefited me significantly. Janet helped my learning through visuals, demonstrations, physical actions and most of all by a highly motivational and inspiring way to share her knowledge. Marie Cammal, Sok Sabay Centre for the Protection of Mistreated Children. Cambodia

“This NoLimits programme really changed my perception of life and work! It is excellent! I had devoted my life to my business and neglected everything else. I had pursued other options which were totally unsuccessful to a point where I was standing still without fully realising this. This programme created a big inner change that started to subtly unfold through me already during the course. Assisted by Janet, I could deal with a number of personal challenges. Now I can move forward with so much more clarity and purpose! I would therefore strongly recommend NoLimits in any endeavour without any reservation, as I have the utmost confidence in their ability and integrity.” Bart Rombaut, Executive Manager
“This programme by NoLimits is the most impactful training course I have attended. It equipped me with tools, skills and practical techniques which were immediately applicable in my business and in my personal life. I joined the programme just before an international relocation, thinking it would provide a useful addition to my portfolio of coaching and training skills. It certainly did that - and more! The extensive business experience of Janet, combined with her facilitation skills and energy helped me see how to apply techniques and skills in my work with executives. It provided me with techniques for managing emotions and reframing negative situations which were invaluable in helping me achieve the task of moving myself and my family to the other side of the world.” Joyce Jenkins, Managing Partner, JBC Consultancy

“I much enjoyed working with NoLimits, whose passion, energy, motivational impact and coaching skills I greatly appreciated. The seminar has been a powerful experience and a real eye opener that I have frequently been referring to since in my personal and professional life. Janet’s corporate world experience is instrumental in relating her contribution to the professional environment. A great experience overall.” Patrick Guicheney, CEO Singapore

“I took the NLP Practitioner course with NoLimits in beautiful Bali, a stunning location with wonderful teachers and speakers. I learnt so much about myself and the different personalities we all encounter in everyday life. I could immediately use my new skills in my work and the programme has opened up my mind to discover more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Thank-you NoLimits for this great experience. Sarah Laight, Business Owner of Life in Amed Beach Hotel and Owner of Life shop in San Francisco

“An extremely powerful and practical program that has provided me with a whole new toolkit for immediate use in both my private and professional life. I have already started applying some of the techniques at home and in dealing with my team at work. They will also be very suitable and find application with regards to my sporting ambitions. I also learnt a considerable amount from fellow participants who reflected on the application of the techniques in their lives. Great training week, just the right format and length! Thank you!” Neil van Heerden, Director, Pricing and Value, American Express, Int. Inc

"The workshop was a real booster; an inspiring learning experience on many levels. I enjoyed being guided by Janet to the junction of science and the interconnection between our mind and body. I am happy to let you know that I built several NLP exercises into my training and coaching programs and I am impressed witnessing how amazingly they work in my culturally diverse working environment. Learning by teaching, they say. I am delighted to explore the positive impact of NLP on me as an individual and as a professional.” Galambos Szilvia, Development Advisor, COMO Shambhala Estate 
"Great workshop facilitation skills. Lively, energetic, with challenge and debate to help me learn new skills and question my old way of thinking. Customer focused and very proactive at looking after the client’s needs." Nigel Bath, Premium Drinks Executive, Diageo plc
"High energy and impact workshop facilitation skills, followed by excellent follow through and coaching skills with sensitivity and responsiveness to the trainee’s needs and situation. A real commitment to motivating people to achieving goals and providing the challenge to go that extra mile."
Charles Ransford, Managing Director, Comms Consult
"Janet's session on Networking Skills was an eye opener for me. I have always had a good network of well wishers, but after this program I clearly realized the difference a structured approach can make when connecting with people. I have seen positive change in my engagement with others within a very short span of time."
Thomas Verghese, Singapore
"An excellent group facilitator. Very present, lively and authentic, bringing in all her ‘real life corporate work experience’. She provides valuable tips and insights and challenges the audience. Exactly what you want to get when progressing your career."
Brigitte Holtschneider, General Manager, South East Asia, Asian Demographics

Meet our Founder

Janet Cropper, Founder NoLimits

Janet Cropper, BA, MSc, CIPD

I love seeing people transform to be all who they want to be in their work, career and life. My passion for over 25 years is in human resources, leadership development and coaching, inspiring people to new levels. 

I founded NoLimits in 2006 to empower people, teams and organisations to work better together. My purpose to help people transform originated from two separate influences that unexpectedly came together as one powerful cause.

At 32, I was diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune condition. I was so physically limited, I doubted I’d work again and the specialists predicted it would get worse. Ironically, my passion for human resources and careers motivated me to return to what I loved best. 

Initially, I believed if I could no longer advance, I could help others achieve their aspirations. Exploring self-development tools to help others succeed, surprisingly led to my own breakthrough and defying medical opinions by regaining my health and mobility. It was my mental and not my physical limits that held me back. It is mental limits that hold back people, teams and organisations and I share with you proven strategies that work for success.

Living and working in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany & London, my mission is to help people and organisations globally by writing about the powerful strategies which help me, and the many people and organisations my team at NoLimits and I are privileged to work with. What is best described by one of my admirable clients - we will take you “towards that place, where the future you is waiting and is asking what took you so long?” 

Specialties: CXO & Executive Coaching, Team Dynamics, Development & Branding - Purpose, Vision & Values, Climate & Engagement Surveys, 360 Feedback, Change Management, Leadership Development, Career Empowerment & Transition, Personal Branding, Interview, Presentation & Influencing Skills, Client Relationship Skills, NLP, MBTI, Extended Disc, iOS and Android Apps for Learning

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Meet our CEO

Martin Cropper, CEO NoLimits

Martin Cropper BSc, FCMA, CGMA, CEO NoLimits

I facilitate and coach leaders, teams and individuals to create exceptional performance and engagement, build essential skills, drive innovation and lead transformational change.

I also work with teams across a wide-range of multi-national organizations and industries to innovate the new best practices in people and organizational development. There is a powerful shift that is transforming the future of work and learning, implementing individual learning and engagement strategies, deploying best practice on the job learning and designing and implementing new learning technologies. This evolution is also critically about redesigning capabilities and people processes to operate in completely new ways.

My goal is to create self learning organizations that motivate people and teams to achieve shared results in the collaborative and networked cultures of the future.

At NoLimits www.nolimitsasia.com we have designed and delivered Leadership and People Development Programs across Asia, leading or partnering internally to achieve best practice learning for thousands of employees over the last 10 years. We are well known for implementing change management capability with senior leadership teams and coaching teams to transform business models and drive innovation. My team and I also facilitate teams in constructive challenging feedback processes to create high trust, high performance and deliver exceptional business results.

I am personally excited that we are now designing and implementing new methodologies with our clients to build internal learning capabilities, including high impact innovations in the online and learning app space that will create 'a world where everyone can learn'.

Specialties: Organizational learning and training, Strategic Planning and Change Management. Learning App Design and Development. On-line Learning tools and technologies. UX Design for Learning Apps. Translating learning methodologies onto on the job and high engagement self-led learning.

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Our Regional Teams

With our core team in Singapore, we also have teams on the ground in Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, and Thailand; together with a powerful network of associates across the region and in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Meet the Asia Regional Team